Few questions for unerstanding.


Feb 3, 2010
When I look at my +12 in bios I get a constant 11.91 not devation. In win7 I get 12.4-12.7 varience. Is this normal and why?

My -12v (only in win7) says -6v. Why isn't this ~-12?

I mainly ask because my cpu voltage varies does not stay stable (with computer idle it jumps 1.36-1.39) under load it usually stays between 1.36 and 1.39 with jumps of 1.29 and 1.44. This seems like alot of varience to me, but I am not experienced in this area.

My other voltages seem to add up and stay stable. This kind of varience has been seen on 2 motherboards.

Sigma Shark 585 3 rails 12v rails @18amps
asus m4a77d MB
athlon II 630 oc to 3.24ghz
xfx 8900GT
2x2gb ocz 800 ddr2 5-4-4-15-24
your 12 volt will fluctuate a little under different loads as for your readings you cant trust what some of the HWMonitiors read. As for your Vcore that is called Vdroop it is normal.

Google it