Question Fiber Cable Modems ??

Jan 30, 2020
Moved into a new house (yeah). Signed up for Cable/internet service. This was hard having been a cable cutter. So I bought cable modem to replace theirs. Got a Netgear AC1900. Get ready to hook it up and theirs has Fiber running to their Modem. AC1900 only has the the old screw on cable... Arrgg
So what option do I have?? Is there such a thing as Fiber to copper cable "box" Can anyone suggest a Cable Modes that does Fiber? Did some searched but didn't seem very clear what to use.
Open to all suggestion idea...
Thx All :)
This depends on what country you are in. It is extremely uncommon in the USA for example to get a router with a actual fiber connection. The fiber is very fragile and they prefer if customers have no access.

Fiber to the house is still not standard so there is no single device you can buy. Most the devices I have seen on this forum that people talk about are using GPON to transfer the data but that is still not good enough. The actual optics can vary from ISP to ISP and then there are settings that only the ISP will know.

This is one of those call the ISP and ask them if it is possible for you to have your own fiber router and what brands work. Many times when you have cable tv they are using the same device to deliver internet and cable tv so you may not be able to replace it with your equipment.

In any case I have not seen a device that will do fiber to coax. Verizon has one but the coax is not running docsis like a cable modem it is running moca between the ONT fiber box and the router.