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I have an hp procurve 2512 with one fiber module (J4853A). I want to
buy a 2626 with a compatible fiber module. I have found J4858B but I
dont know if they are compatible. There are both SC connector so I
think the same fiber cable will be ok to connect them. however, one is
IEEE 802.3z and the other is IEEE 802.3U so is it compatible? (I know
one is 100mbps and the other 1gig but I dont care if I do only 100

Thank you


Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

I asked someone I know over in ProCurve land and they said:

"Sorry, but the J4858B is Gigabit-only, and so can't talk to the
100mbps J4853A."

Now, since it does not seem that the 2626 switch has an option for 100
Mbit Fibre:

You may want to see about getting gigabit fibre for your 2512:

Seems to suggest the "HP ProCurve Gigabit SX Transceiver (J4131B)" to
match the J4858B you found for the 2626.

Looks like SX may be in the 200 to 500 meter range depending on the
type of fibre you use:

The J4853A you mentioned for the 2512 appears to support up to 2km of

and if you were planning on using that distance, you probably (?) need
to consider Gigabit LX rather than SX transceivers in your 2512 and

(Hopefully, my ProCurve contact is watching to make sure I've not
messed-up :)

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