Question Fiber optic & cable poor internet

Apr 28, 2022
Hi .
so here’s my situation . I have bad internet here at the house , it’s horrible when it comes to gaming , though sometimes it works great . Can’t really explain it besides sometimes it will drop very low and drag and latency spikes tremendously.
here’s the catch . We have spectrum and century link here at the house , I’ve tried both and even had them on at the same time ( current )
They both have the same issues , it’s not limited to one .
me neighbors also say they get lag when trying to game . It does seem to get worse when it rains but can’t be for sure .
we have extemely lazy Tecs that come by and don’t want to do nothing so I’m trying to see what I can possibly do myself or who I can call .
different routers , connections wires etc . I guess moly question would be also ,
If one is cable , I’m told they also connect from fiber so could the main fiber wire to the neighborhood be damaged ? That would cause this . Am I missing something ? Is the box outside that has the fiber optic to my house , maybe the cable is bad can I change this myself ? If so what fiber optic would I buy to test ?
no tec has really tried to figure it out they just say ok if it’s working on speedtest in the moments
Fiber connection are pretty much immune to any for of weather even a lightning strike near a fiber will do nothing since it all runs on light. You should not mess with anything on the outside of your house. All the wires/fiber and the boxes are all the ISP responsibility to fix. If you were to damage them they will charge you for anything you did.

With 2 different internet connection that have the same issue it is much more likely it is some issue with your pc or some equipment in your house.

I hope you are not using wifi that will cause random issues with any kind of online game.

You need to simplify this. Since you have 2 connection take one and plug your pc directly into the modem from the provider with no other device connected. Put everything else on the other ISP.
What you can now do is open a cmd window in the background and leave a constant ping run to some ip like When the game see issue check this window and see you also see loss or major latency spikes. If only the game see issues but not the ping test it is much more likely there is something wrong with the game rather than wrong with your network.