Aug 17, 2022
Hey! So I recently bought a new router. (TP-LINK A8 Archer AC1900) It's a Gigabit, 5G router with fiber optic support. (I have 1GB internet) My old router (Huawei EchoLife HG8143A5) has a dedicated fiber optic port at the bottom wich is perfect for me since my internet comes trough a singlemode fiber optic cable into my house. Now, the new router doesn't have this port, instead it has one Internet and four LAN ports on it's back. I've read that you can connect an optical cable using a modem (wich I don't have) or you can use a Fiber Over Ethernet adapter (like this one, ignore the language) and you can connect an Ethernet cable to your router and the other end to the adapter and the problem is solved. Now, my main questions are:
-Is this a good solution?
-Is there any better solution?
-Will I keep the optical cable's speed if I use the Fiber Over Ethernet adapter?

Thanks for any help!
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Not sure why you think the tplink has optical support. It is pretty much just your standard wifi router.

Your problem is the fiber from the ISP is not running ethernet it is running GPON. Ethernet generally runs on a point to point using 2 fiber strands. GPON there is only 1 fiber strand and they run different color lasers for transmit and receive and many times a additional one for TV.
In addition that single strand of fiber is physically split and connected to many other people house. The GPON protocol work very similar to docsis on cable modems where the network controls the device in your house so you do not transmit at the same time as your neighbors.

In any case you have some kind of modem to convert from GPON to ethernet. Unlike cable modem GPON is not real standard yet, it has many setting and options so even if you were to buy a router that takes a GPON fiber the ISP may not give you the information you need to configure it.
Many times a simple fiber modem is called a ONT but again this varies greatly. I would call the ISP and see what they suggest. They likely will tell you what router or modem works with their system and if they allow that in the first place.