Fiesta 2015 Ecoboost ST or VW Polo 2015 TSI 1200cc???


Jun 1, 2014
I am looking for a used car.
The fiesta is 11.900 euros and the Polo is 10.600 euros (Polo has shipment costs and some taxes).
Which is the better car and which the better offer?Does the ecoboost 1000cc fiesta engine have draw backs compared to the polo 1200cc engine?
(The fiesta has 125bhp while the polo 95bhp).
I dont have much knowledge on cars so if you could be simple and understandable would be nice !

P.S.I like the way the fiesta looks!
Fiesta link:
(i dont have a VW link cause a friend found it in germany and he sent me the characteristics)

Thanks !
The Ford is your better choice. That 1000 cc motor is incredible absolutely amazing. Ford motor company has won many many awards for several years running with that engine. that is an incredible engine. I would get the Ford

Think about it this way the Ford produces over 100 hp/L. Now that’s incredible


Jan 31, 2013
Either way its a turbo charged engine. And both will likely need a new turbo someday. Drive both and buy the one you like more. I'm a Ford guy at heart though. Also I am in the USA, so I will probably not see these cars in my market. I also work on cars professionally as a Lube Tech. The Ford is a pain in the ass to work on, but the VW is more of a pain in the ass to work on.
Sporty feel and fun to drive, better handling and takeoff.

Polo TSI
Much smoother ride especially for the passengers in the back, with better Fuel economy.

Both cars have the same amount of features and dependability so it's up to the OP on what he likes more. I've rented both the 2016 models and the Fiesta was just flat out more fun to drive.
Ford is heavy into racing, and their cars reflect a lot of what they learn. The Fusion is their one of their finest handling chassis, especially when coupled with AWD. Every one of their models is fantastic. And they never cheated on emissions tests.

I am really falling for that EcoSport, maybe for the kid
Nov 20, 2018
I would recommend to choose VW Polo. I want to buy a car too. More precisely not only myself. For the whole family. Family car for comfortable trips. Tell me, please, what better car to take. Can buy Hyundai Verna?
Ford's are far more reliable and higher quality. I stick with their products. The most tech. The newest tech. They don't cheat on Emissions Tests. Etc.. Etc.. They build BEST IN CLASS vehicles in terms of reliability, longevity, efficiency and performance

If I lived in Germany, I would still buy a Ford over VW any day. go build one online, you can fit your budget or go wild with options. AWD is my favorite, no matter what you drive. Ford's Intelligent AWD is AMAZING, and now I won't go without it. Even in the dry weather, when you accelerate hard, it goes to work strong all around, making the car much more compentent at putting power down to the road, so--get an engine that has the punch you need.... lol, the Fusion has the 2.0L turbo with AWD and holy hell is it fast, and handles great.
I’d definitely test drive first. I drove the Focus ST recently in both manual and automatic here in the UK and thought the engine was terrible. Had both versions for 2 days each as curtousy cars.

My dislike was how the power is applied. Yes it can accelerate well if you rev the life out of it but down at the low/mid range it has no power. I prefer manual cars but if I had to choose I’d pick the automatic. Why? There is so little power at low/mid that if you want to accelerate at a reasonable speed or do a hill start (even the slightest hill) you have to rev the engine and slip the clutch a lot. Clutch wear on the manual is going to be high, it’s unavoidable.

Not driven the Polo.

You going to get that with vehicles sporting less than 120 HP and at that price point. The VW is worse in that regard but overall both are solid vehicles for anyone not expecting a Maserati.
Not true. I have driven many normally aspirated cars with 100-150bhp without this terrible (unpractical) power curve. I agree it’s likely an issue with these small 3 cylinder turbo engines but a 1.4 4 cylinder normally aspirated engine has never been like the ST’s I drove. I’m not expecting exciting performance, just practical. Also yeah it might have a peak of 125PS but in what rev range?