Fight For The Horde Or Alliance In The New Expansion For 'World Of Warcraft'

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Jun 6, 2015
Seems... somewhat interesting, but at this point I'd be happier if they'd just start working on WoW 2 or another MMO instead. The WoW engine's getting old, and the history of Azeroth and the big threats that constantly pop up are getting a bit stale.

At least this expansion doesn't seem focused on a big baddie invading everything again. At the same time though, after the Alliance and Horde have allied to fight these big baddies again and again though, having constant conflict between them just seems forced.

I'd rather they gracefully bow out on a high note with WoW rather than just running it into the ground, as Legion seemed like a good place to finish. With the number of subscribers dropping over time to the point where they refuse to even release the numbers anymore, I feel like they should stop trying to milk this almost dry cash cow and try something new.


Nov 2, 2017
So so so so very disappointing. They could have gone with an Old God’s xpack which the whole community has been asking for, but no. They had t go back to the whole orcs vs humans crap. A grudge that should have ended at the end of Argus. It would have been way better to open up the cities to each other than to eliminate pvp... which makes NO sense in an orcs vs humans xpack. Oh well I guess.



When you opt in, you will be placed only with other players that also opt in.

This is just the beginning of the Xpack. I suspect as the BFA progresses, we will move more towards old god/void lord type stuff. There was some old god mobs shown in one of the trailers. There was void problem inside heart of azeroth, on that small scenario we had with Magni. With that and some of il'gynoth's whispers lead me to believe we shall be seeing old god content as it goes on. Also there is a long held belief that Queen Aszhara, is heavily influenced by the old god N'Zoth. I believe it was said we would be seeing her in BFA.
I gave up playing Wow this year after playing it form the very beginning. I've been annoyed of Blizzard's blatant favoritism for the Horde for years. I've played both Horde and Alliance so I know the truth. So the idea of playing a strait Alliance vs Horde is a joke! The Blizzard team has Horde ingrained in their DNA there is no way this wouldn't have some advantages for the Horde, heck it's in the DNA of the player characters they can't help it. There is no way I'm going to waste a $1 on this crap just to learn what I already know, no thanks.

I've finally gotten sick of all the crap from Blizzard. Every major pack and you have to learn how to play you character all over again. They keep taking stuff away and the replacement they offer sucks. I used to enjoy this game but the last expansion was so bad, and the patches after word just bring more chaos. I thought I'd be play WOW for years to come but they have managed to make me sick of it, I didn't even bother to check out Blizzcon this year, I'm done with it. Good bye and to those left in WOW good luck!
It doesn't mater the Horde advantage is down to the specs on the characters. See what the top teams are in WOW see how many are alliance and how many are Horde. I'm not wasting my money on this expansion I'm burned out on all the WOW team crap.
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