Question Fiio shady driver?

Sep 25, 2020
So I have a Fiio Q1 MkII DAC and it's awesome and it works seamlessly with my iPad but I want to try it on my PC however because it's Windows I need a driver. And the official Fiio driver is available however the instructions look shady as heck. First of all not only it's a Chinese driver which if it's legit it's fine but on their official website they tell you that you might have to turn off driver signature enforcement (I am guessing their driver is not signed) and that the driver is clean but my antivirus might flag it as malware because it modifies system files or something of that sort. Basically because it's a driver and has access to the system directory to work. However no driver has ever been flagged by my antivirus as suspicious. So that seems very shady. Not only that but my Kaspersky antivirus is blocking malicious links with downloads just when I visit their website and don't do anything it constantly pops up and says download blocked although I am not even clicking anything. Soo should I install the driver? I mean it's Fiio it's a reputable audio brand and who knows my Kaspersky might not even flag the driver it might be perfectly clean but all that seems very shady. What do you think?