File downloading is ridiculously slow


Feb 10, 2012

i have just brought myself a new router, thinking it was about time i replaced my 6 year old u.s.robotics USR8102.......I have got myself a Belkin N1 vision, pluged it all in, set up the connection, sorted out the security, lovely.......i can surf the web just fine, streaming video and even gaming seems to be all good. however, when i try and download a file, such as a driver or a pdf file etc i get the most ridiculously slow download sppeds i have ever experience.....12kbs i mean seriously, i might as well walk to the file source, ask for a cd then walk back it would be quicker!

anyone have any suggestions?

im still using good old windows XP pro (no laughing please)
Norton (the worst virus any computer could have in my opinion) is nowhere to be seen on my PC.
my broadband is 2mps talk talk ADSL.

thank you