Question File is too large for Destination file System Already NTFS Win 10

Nov 20, 2018
Hello Guys, hope someone can give me an advice.
I have this strange problem, I cant figure out the issue. Im trying to copy files fom an external HD
to an internal 4TB HD.

When trying to copy the "file is too large for the destination file system" error prompts even when
the destination internal HD is already NTFS.

I tried the following:

I copied to the HD where Windows 10 is installed and I could copy without issues.
When tried to copy from Windows 10 HD to Data (D: Dados) the error prompts.
I tried compressing the folder with files im tring to transfer and I could copy succesfuly
from Windows 10 to Data HD
So when I try to extract files from compressed file many errors promt saying "The parameter
is incorrect"

Im attaching files for you to take a look, and hopefully, give any advice that could help

What is realy strange is that the error prompts with a 4.00 KB size file, wich is below the
4GB FAT32 limit...

Thankz in advance!
Nov 20, 2018

So I have an

ASROCK N68-VS3 UCC motherboard

I downloaded the nvidia SATA drivers they offer on their support website
So bad comunication was occurring because of bad drivers... i just rolled back and done!
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