File Loss in NTFS to ExtFS Format


Mar 28, 2004
Upon installing mandrake 9.1 on my system I made a [-peep-] up when configuring the formatting of the drives. I accidently selected auto-configue. I didn't realise I had done this (because I also manually configured my correct drive) until I started formatting. It formated the first drive, however when it began to format the second drive I knew that something must have been wrong so I immediatlely switched off the computer in the hope that I might be able to recover some of my files. Upon loading Windows XP I notice that my E Drive had disappeared (apparently the one I mistakenly formated.) Anyway PowerQuest Partition Magic Pro 7.0 detects what used to be my E drive and insists that it is now partitioned into two Ext2FS partitions and a Swapfile partition. According to Patition Magic both the Ext2FS partitions are full [of data] however the portion allocated to the Swapfile was wiped (The drive originally only had 120 MB free prior to the partition). On mounting the drives using Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere, both drives appeared to be empty. I attempted to use R-Studio (demo version) and it failed to find any deleted files. I think that most of the files would be intact however the lack of a file-table (or whatever it's called) obviously prevents me for accessing any intact files. Does anyone know how to fix this rather major problem, as I'm reluctant to accept the fact that I lost 60GB of files because I pushed the wrong button.


Dec 8, 2002
Don't know if it will help, but a few people around here have found this software helpful.
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