[SOLVED] file system error


Apr 6, 2022
From nothing I m starting to have some serious problems.
1 microsoft store crash on launching
2 can t open jpg with microsoft photo, file system error -2147219196
3 probably other things have problem to start but I don t use
Actually with jpg I can open them with other programs and see the preview but not open them with photo, I was thinking to reinstall but actually I can t cause microsoft store is the only way to download it.
I tryed with scannow, chkdsk, reinstal the os, restart the application, load in safe mode.
All unsucesfull, actually I can t reinstal the os by the option of restore and also cannot unistal upgradates, it say impossible to ...
I searched a lot online but I have find 0 thing that I can actually do, I don t have an usb or cd for reinstal the os.
Also internet was affected cause I had some problem now solved till this.
Unfortunatly I cleaned the ssd right befor this shadow update, usually it ask the permission for update.
I m clueless to what to do, help in anyway is appriciate