Filled my SSD, need to make the 3tb drive the normal drive


Jun 11, 2011
I have nearly filled up my SSD, my SSD or drive c has the operating system (windows 7), (adobe master collection), (games) and other files. I have a 3TB drive for storage, the prbolum is the computer dose not seem to understand to use the huge drive and keeps wanting to fill more of the SSD. now I do have info on the 3tb drive filled about 200 or so gigs so I have used and normally have to tell each program to use it rather then the SSD. some programs don't ask and then tell me they can't download there update like my kasperky anti virus dose not understand to use the large drive and tries to download from SSD and then sends me a error message like drive C full. So how dose someone remedy this so that the large 3000 gig drive automatically is treated like the main drive