FINAL BUILD High end gaming rig ordering on sudnay


Aug 6, 2011
were you going to overclock the CPU? If not I would't invest in an expensive aftermarket cooler, you could get a nice one for $30~ at newegg

also monitor wise, if your building this for gaming you might want a better one and less expensive. I'll list 3 choices based on sizes. All are 1920 x 1080
21.5" Asus 2ms - $159
23" Asus 2ms - $179
23.6" Asus 5ms - $189

also I don't know much about this brand, but they have a special until 8/8 if you use the promo code. Not bad for the price.
23" Hannspree 5ms LED BackLight - $159

Hope I helped you a bit, I'm in the process of building a gamin rig myself. Good luck!

manu 11

Jan 6, 2011
+1 for the above stated asus monitor.
I would get an cooler master haf 922 case , pretty nice case.

16gb ram, what you are doing with that, you can go with 8gb ram for gaming and heavy apps.


OS- get the oem version it will save you a lot of money for the same thing- 100$

Logitech G110 Keyboard- 50$

hp 1920x1200 monitor- 280$

Gigavyte z68 UD4- 165$ shipped

i5 2500k- 220$

Noctua NH-D14- 90$ best air cooler on the market

Gskill 8gb 1600mhz- 60$ even 8gb's is overkill but it is the standard

Samsung F3 1tb- 60$ just get one and if you need the space get another one because 1tb is a lot.

NZXT H2- 90$ pretty much the same case for less

Crucial 128gb ssd- 219$

Lepa 850w psu- 50$ lepa is a solid brand.

Asus 12x Blu ray burner- 75$ no dvd burner too because this can play and burn dvd's too

EVGA GTX 570- x2=640$-30=610$ only 1 mail in rebate per customer per product




Only thing I would change is that monitor to

Asus 24inch 1920x1080 2ms @ $199 with a $10 off promo code to put it at $189! promo ends 8/8

1920x1080 @ 2ms > 1920x1200 @ 5ms with nearly $100 more in cost :p
well i think 5ms is fast enough i have one and i have yet to have any lag. also the 2 570's would kind of be wasted if he was only using a 1080p monitor.