Final build - Please advise, ordering today!!!


Oct 4, 2011

This is my build. I have hard drives and cd/dvd drive along with a 1080p asus monitor already. I also have a Corsair 400r case.

I'm just wanting to play Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Star Wars: The Old republic at high settings. I went over budget by $30.00, but hoping this will be a good start to a great gaming experience. Please let me know if you would change anything. My main concern is the ram and video card that I'm a little worried about.

Thanks in advance.

Skip the Coolermaster CPU Cooler. First, you're unlikely to need it unless you feel like running a high overclock (there should be no need), and second, Coolermaster is a dishonest company (fact) and does not deserve business (opinion). If you really want a CPU cooler anyway, check out the Xigmatek Gaia, also 120mm and configured similarly. Mine keeps my 3.8GHz 970BE idling around 30C.



Ew... I had the Xigmatek Gaia and it almost fried my motherboard and CPU, that is a fan I wouldn't recommend. Sure it's easier to install than the Cooler Master is but the Xigmatek fan isn't really worth it IMO.