Dec 12, 2020
Hey so I have been doing my research and looking up parts so i could build my first pc. i wanted to see if my build was good and if there was anything you would do differently to improve. I also check that all of it will work together but i would like to see if someone could help me confirm that. My build is going to be in a Evolv X case with a MSi B550-A pro motherboard. I plan on getting a Ryzen 5800x CPU with a Nvidia 3080 founders edition. I am going to use my old ram from my current pc which is XPG Z1 ddr4 3000MHz. I will be cooling my pc with a NZXT Kraken x73 RGB 360mm AIO with the radiator on the front panel with the tubes on the top. I will also be getting NZXT triple 120 mm AER RGV 2 starter kit for the top with the RGB controller and 1 AER RGB 2 120mm for the back of the case. I will be using a NZXT C750 power supply to power all of it. This is my build that I have done some weeks researching and putting together to put together my dream desktop. I want to know what you think about it and if it is a solid build an what I could do to improve it if there is a way. I also want to know if the cooling will be enough to have the 5800x overclocked and a good enough power supply to do so.

Thank you all in advanced for responding it means a lot.