Question Final choice on Processor for DAW PC, Music Recording, Samplers. Please Help!!

Dec 1, 2018

I recently posted asking for help on a DAW build. You guys were really helpful. I have chosen all of the other components, but still wondering about the processor. After going back and forth with Ryzen 7 verses I.7, I feel that the Ryzen 7 is more practical for what I need, but I am not a puter whiz. Like I mentioned in my previous post, this PC will NOT be used for gaming. It will mainly be used for music recording and editing, and for Samplers, (live and foe recording). I do tend to use some heavy multis in Kontakt that are loaded with alot of sounds. I will not be overclocking. I see many different options for the i.7 and Ryzen 7 and my main question is, do I need to worry about getting a higher GHz, and all the different models? I was looking at this one..

This seller has sold alot of these with good feedback. Do you guys think this one is ok for what I need or should I get a different Ryzen 7? (do I need 7 at all, would the 5 work just as well) Is the included fan adequate?

Are there any advantages in the other Ryzen 7 models?

What MB would be suitable for the Ryzen 7

Any major advantages if I went with the Intel i.7 instead??

Thanks for any suggestions and help