Discussion Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro which is better?

hey man, awesome question.

In the end it doesn't matter. I worked with both for little school projects.
Im having more fun with adobe because its more scaleable than final cut pro.
I mean everything has to be osx compatible.

There are alot of guides online and if you have got a macbook pro, I would suggest you to give both a fair chance.
Goodluck Mister
Apr 7, 2019
Thanks. Right now I have a MBP Early 2011 with 16 GB of ram and 256 gb ssd and a macbook air mid 2013 with 8 gb of ram and 128 gb ssd. I'm considering to get premiere pro once I buy a 15 inch MBP. Both of my laptops are too old to work on adobe premiere pro especially when you are rendering the video.