Build Advice Final Decisions on New Gaming Build (i7-13600/RTX 4080ti)


Apr 21, 2014
Good afternoon, and thanks in advance for comments and assistance.

I'm planning on purchasing components for, and building, a new desktop computer this week. The primary resource-intensive use for the system is non-competitive home gaming (ranging from Cyberpunk 2070/Witcher remaster to Paradox games [e.g. Stellaris]). The goal is to obtain both very high graphical settings and low-lag performance for processor-intensive games such as modded Stellaris. A secondary desire would be high-quality WiFi components.

I would welcome comments on this PC Parts Picker list:

I have good familiarity with the basics of relevant components but would especially welcome recommendations on how to make the best complementary system (e.g., specific memory and motherboard considerations to complement CPU/GPU, choosing between manufacturer variants (e.g. MSI EDGE vs. PRO). This list comes in around USD $1800 but welcome recommendations to lower cost.

Buying a Monitor: Most likely not, but depending on tower build, possibly.
Parts to Upgrade: PSU is in good state and would like to reuse SSD and HD. All other components subject to replacement.
Do you need to buy OS: No
Preferred Website: Newegg where possible, but not a requirement.
Location: Pacific Northwest, United States
Parts Preferences: Intel for RTX purposes.
Overclocking: Not a priority.
SLI or Crossfire: No
Your Monitor Resolution: 3440x1440
Additional Comments: RGB and branding not a significant consideration. Ease of wire and dust management a plus!