Final Fantasy XV: Performance Analysis With 10 GPUs

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Far Cry 5 or FFXV? I easily pick Far Cry 5.

The bench isn't indicative of real world behavior? It's a FFXV trailer with a score. Who's line is it anyways... Look at us!!!!? Harvesting? Fortunately through Steam we can return most any game that we have played for less than 2 hours and within a certain window from the purchase date.

Thanks for the real test Tom's.



Well, AMD cards are better at DX12 than Nvidia cards. Hardwarecanucks made that analysis a long time ago.

However this is not really important here. The Xbox One X is hosting something similar to a RX 580. Of course if games are developed with the chip in mind, the port is going to swing on AMD side.

There is a couple of game that I would love to have result with. Ports from the consoles like Tecmo games, Capcom games, Square Enix games, Konami games, Platinum games... basically the japanese devs.


The higher tier GFX cards are there
but aside from that I agree the test wasn't thorough.

I was averaging around 90FPS at 1080p because of my 4690K at 100%.
At 3840 x 2160 I was averaging around 50FPS. Looks like 1440p will be best for my setup.




It has yet to show this though. Not one game ported from consoles has shown any advantage to AMD at all and they wont because there is still differences in the hardware and the API and how it calls to it compared to PCs even with DX12/Vulkan.

The only advantage is porting has become easier since x86-64 is the same base and the Xbox now uses a similar Windows 10 kernel, although modified for the Xbox.

They still need to recode for PCs and their drivers/OS kernel. Then they need to optimize for both sides.

Unlike most I am not surprised the game features NVidia tech when it was a console game first. That fact means nothing and NVidia is known to work more with developers than AMD does. Might change but NVidia does push that a lot.

It would be close but the 6GB of VRAM will limit it. My 1080 is playing it nicely on highest, no AA, at 1080 and I am more than happy. I am just glad they included the soundtracks to all the old games for the car rides.


Nov 7, 2015
AMD's focus on consoles? Hardly a focus, more like desperate plea for money. They cut ridiculous deals for those consoles. Meanwhile, Nvidia leapfrogged AMD with the switch and it's a now relatively ancient chipset. Just wait until they put more money into developing Tegra now that it has a much bigger market than just set-top boxes and tablets.

Meanwhile, AMD remains good at begging for deals, offering razor thin profit margins to keep their heads up while they offer nothing compelling and their "gamble" in the APU market has remained laughable.

I really wish AMD was competitive again and that I could count on them to keep it together to really hammer Intel after Ryzen and provide real competition in the graphics market.

But alas...Not going to happen.

Sam Hain

Apr 21, 2013

Had an MSI 970 before my 1080 Ti and it OC'd like a BOSS! One of the best GPUs NV turned out IMO.
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