Final GPU Decision

The Indomitable

Jan 2, 2013
Contestant #1...

Contestant #2...

Or, should I wait to see the pricing of the 780 before making any decisions on a GPU now when the launch date is so close?

AMD 8350
Cooler Master HAF X
2TB 7200RPM Seagate Barracuda
ASUS XONAR DG 5.1 soundcard
Silencer MKII 750W PSU
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz RAM (Red)
That's the build.
Also, I will be mostly gaming on a 1080p Samsung SyncMaster P2450
OK both contestant are forfeit. This is not to be funny and I am not fanboy.

BUT the HD7970 is a MUCH better buy.
That one would would equal the GTX680. If you OC to the poitn of a HD 7970 GHZ edition(easy as its the same card with just higher clock, AMD did this for marketing reasons) it would decimate the GTX680.

If you are not one for OCing. Here is a GHz Edition that STILL IS CHEAPER than a GTX680 AND outperforms it by far.

What I don't get is why are you comparing a GTX670 and GTX680 that are similar in price if a GTX680 is clearly much faster.

The Indomitable

Jan 2, 2013
I dunno, not such a fan of the looks (side windows matter too, y'know), and many benchmarks have proven otherwise.
My main question is about the 780, though, pricing and timing (when the 770 comes out) will be pivotal to this decision.

Sure let me give you some benchies... LOL keep in mind that the benches need to be recent. To take latest drivers in account. Since AMDs 12.11 they are far ahead.

I can understand buying for look. But you wont even be seeing the top half of the card. Performance first, then looks.






In 99% of cases the HD7970 wins, that is not even considering the HD7970 GHz Edition. Both are cheaper than a GTX680.

EDIT : One more. The GTX680 does not even feature on the Toms recommended list. The GTX670 does, but in a MUCH lower price bracket than what you are looking at.,3107.html
All his links are prior to the release of nvidia's newest driver the 310.90 WHQL drivers. Which came out in the start of December. The 670 comes at a more competitive price point then the 7970 at the moment. As you can see here.,70&sort=a5

If I were looking at Nvidia cards I would look at the MSI solution the powered edition, The ASUS directcuII cards which are very cold and run very silent, as well as EVGA for there awesome customer support and warranties. I have a gigabyte card and I will tell you I hate there customer service. I called once because I was experiencing coil whine that eventually went away but they were saying that for a RMA it would take 3-4 weeks on turn around time. Also you call them at least the free number and you feel like you are calling some run down Asian restaurant and this lady was explaining things to me in a complete unprofessional manner. ASUS I've dealt with before I know they are a bit more professional and EVGA is most certainly above all other companies in that department.

If you are looking for the best choice price wise then I would get a 670 you won't feel a difference unless you play games like skyrim and are heavily modding the game. High end cards feel like high end cards mid end cards 660ti/7870/7950. Feel very much the same.

If you are waiting a few months anyway I would wait and see what the results of the new cards show. And keep in mind that cards do mature over time through drivers.


There are also lots of threads (mainly comparing multi GPU configurations) that show that AMD cards are less CPU dependent.
Another pro of AMD cards.

I suggest going with a HD 7970. You will not be dissapointed.
This is one of the best HD 7970's.

True its before the latest Nvidia drivers. BU the gains on those drivers are on average like 5 %, I couldn't find any benches with them included unfortunately.
Right, yea I'm having a hard time finding benchmarks either. Which I find odd. It seems like getting a driver update benchmark with a set of cards is a hassle I guess for some sites. Honestly the 670 and the 7970 should be around the same. The 670 I would expect to have slightly less horse power and in some games to beat the 7970 and in most the 7970 should come on top however price wise its hard to really justify it at least for me unless you need the extra ram and the memory bit for more intensive games that use the resources its far cheaper to go with the 7970 then for say a 4 gigabyte version of the 670 you wise as well get the ghz 7970 at that point.

Sorry but... Punctuation may motivate me to read that. But as it stands. I am not willing to deceiver that... LOL
I'm happy that we are in a jerk mood. I'm sorry did I speak of Nvidia the cursed brand right? Or did I not stroke your ego with the AMD branding in my post. What annoys me more then anything is that even when there is poor grammar in a post or in a text or whatever it may be and you still understand what someone has to say there is no reason to be a jerk about it. And you were I was just offering my opinion I wasn't attempting to enroll myself into a novu english class.

You misunderstand. I just mean please add more punctuation where necessary as your post is hard to read. Was not being offensive at all.

I often times find myself going back and editing my posts as I did when you had brought it up. I just thought you were perhaps being facetious. I have a lot to say a lot and sometimes I feel like I have typed something in to tie it all together and make grammatical sense and sometimes I don't and that requires me to go back and not look stupid. Either way I went back and made it better probably not perfect but it's better.

Thanks. All I asked. Let me give it a read now.

They are similarly priced and the HD7970 mostly outperforms the GTX670. The HD7970 can be OCd beyond the point of a GTX680s max OC too... So yeah its clear which option is better.

I agree if you are not planning to OC at all. But if at all you are willing to OC, you could get an HD7970 way past even a GTX680. But at stock and if you can get a GTX670 cheaper than an HD7970, its a toss up.

The windforce is not faster. It just has a better cooler. The reference design is meant as a benchmark. The same thing applies to amd cards. there are windforce HD 7970s as well.
I would say either the ASUS TOP cards although the DirectcuII cards are just fine as well. The top card because the top series chips are cherry picked hence the higher price and they are able to be clocked higher in theory (overclock) If you were to go outside the Asus line I would look into the Sapphire Vapor-x Which is a ghz card and has a amazing cooler and components on the card as well caps, and mosfets.

Not if you don't use graphics design programs that use CUDA. PhysX is barely used in games these days. Last one was Batman Archim City.

As for 3D, if its not supported on Nvidias 3D support list it will not work at all. With AMD you may get it working regardless is its supported or not.

The Asus TOP and Sapphrie Vapor-X are basically the same card, with different cooling solutions and binned chips of different quality, at stock they will both play ANY game EXACTLY the same. But when OCing to the extreme, thats when cooling and binning matters most.

Do you understand how the graphics industry works? Where does Asus and Sapphire for example fit into AMD? Or Asus and Zotac for example fit in with Nvidia.