Finding friends for PC Gaming?


May 26, 2012
I just made the switch from console gaming over to PC. Ive been playing a bunch of games, but it gets lonely after a while. Most of my friends are stuck with consoles and none have made the switch over.
Since im totally new to PC gaming, my question is: how do you find friends/groups to play games with?


Jun 23, 2012
play very social games aka TF2, Counter Strike, SC2 (custom games exspecially) etc. These games its alot easier after a game or 2 with the same person to add them to your friends list, after that move towards using skype with them and from then on it should be ok. Dont take my advice to be true, its just what i would suggest.

Either way it would be best for you to get your Real life friends onto the PC as it would be alot more enjoyable.


Jan 29, 2013

I know personally it's sometimes hard to find people to have a good time with. Often my favorite friends are busy or offline so I look for others to play with.

Some game lend themselves more to community, such as minecraft. Also, voice servers are a great way to meet people. You could download mumble (a voice software) and look at the public list of servers for people to hang out with. I would just connect and see how people respond. Often people will be rude, but when you find nice people it's worth all the hassle and they usually are welcoming and you can stick with them for a while.

I'm also trying to get a website up and running.

Basically, it's like a twitter for people to find gaming friends quickly. I hope the website takes off because I know how it's like to be lonely.


Feb 25, 2016
I am in the same boat. I use to PC game hardcore when I was in high school, but after college I was short money so PC gaming was on the back burner when I needed a new rig to handle some of the more demanding games. I got back into PC gaming about 2 years ago, and it is pretty lonely sometimes. BF3 and BF4 servers now are all rented with bullshit rules like no shot guns or grenades. Can be fun for a whim but when I want to use some serious teamwork it is hard to find quality people who just want to jam out online with you. My answer (kind of extreme but worked) was a craigslist add I put out looking for people who want to play games online. I got a lot of answers for people asking me to join them in CS:GO, CoD, EVE Online, WoW, Elder Scrolls, even BF3 and BF4.

Rich Inks

Mar 20, 2014
I'd second this one. PC gaming is not very social with the exception of automatic matchmaking. There's no real easy way to add people to your friends list and not many people want to pay the money to PC game so consoles are a better option in that regard. Steam and Uplay sort of make it easy to find friends and add them to a friend list, but it's still not really completely integrated into the games to make it easier as it is with consoles. Your best bet is PC gamer forums and add your gamertags to any signatures you use for Steam/Uplay/Origin/etc.


May 4, 2016
Dayum this thread is old, anyways have you given the new Leaping-Tiger.Com a go? Pretty good connecting features there and fun to see what everyone's playing nearby :)