Finding the bottle neck on HP pavilion P7 1234


Sep 12, 2012
Hey guys!

I really need your help... Don't laugh but I stupidly purchased an HP Pavilion P7 1234 two months ago from Best Buy. I need to do some light 3D modeling for work and I am wasting multiple days per week with it freezing and running slow (like 12 hours to open one 3d file)

The full specs are on the HP site but the highlights are: 2.6 GHZ AMD A6-3650 (Liano) quad core with integrated Radeon HD 6530D (which is not used due to the adition of a dedicated GPU (see below), 1 free PCI express x 16, Pegatron AAHD2-HY (Holly) motherboard, 1TB hard drive, 8 gig of ram, 64 but operating system, Windows 7. The motherboard seems to offer the upgradeability of a monkey as you'd expect from HP - very few free ports

I upgraded the PSU to 600W and installed an Nvidia GTX 550 TI (the EVGA 2GB version). It made little difference or none I could notice. I thought it would be enough. That will teach me to think

Did I buy an awful graphics card or is the slow CPU just too much of a bottle-neck for anything else to make a difference. How do I tell???

I am prepared to invest a little more to fix this problem but I don't want to spend money on something that will make no difference again. I can probably afford an EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2048MB which I've seen for $400 used and will also look at the CPU/motherboard if I have to

I do 3D modeling in Maya, Sculpting in Mudbox and publish in Showcase (mainly stills - I'm not exactly making Avatar 2 here....

Would really appreciate some advice on what I can do to improve performance. This fool and his money seem easily parted right now. Have HP ever made anything that doesn't require the replacement of every single part to function???

I'm not great with computers but I can change a graphics card and PSU etc and could probably figure out the processor thing in I have to.

If there is anyone reading who designs computers for HP, what the hell were you thinking! and I'm impressed you can read this insult. Did you go through someone's trash to find the parts for this machine?

Thanks in advance!


Dec 17, 2012
How did you replace the PSU? I have a Pavilion p7 1234 as well, and the PSU is locked in tight. Is it external? Or how did you remove the original one?

To answer your question, maybe the 550ti is such a low level it is equal to the integrated graphics, or it is in the wrong slot. Have you had to download drivers for it? If not, it is not put in correctly.

But please answer my question too :D