Question Fingerprint problem with my HP laptop (Close Windows Hello , and then try going through the setup again) ?

Mohamed Taha

May 26, 2020
my laptop is HP 1040 G1
this is the problem;

I bought it used and the fingerprint was working fine and I decided to change the Windows and install a new Windows 10 on it and download fingerprint driver from HP but when it comes to Windows Hello setup , this message appears and i can't set up or use the fingerprint .

I tried many solutions on google but all of them don't change anything.
from one hour I installed the latest version of windows 20H2 PRO but that didn't help.
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The latest version of Windows 10 is not 20H2, it's 21H1. You will need to fabricate your bootable USB installer using Windows Media Creation Tools. As for the laptop, prior to reinstalling the OS, make sure that you've got the latest BIOS version on said laptop. If you have a number of BIOS versions to update to get to the latest, gradually work your way to the latest, don't jump to the latest version.

As for the finger print drivers, after sourcing the latest from HP's support site(using your laptop's serial number on HP's support site), manually install Fingerprint driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

Another measure, you can take some isopropyl alcohol and wipe the finger print sensor clean, then wash your hands(fingers off of any grime or dirt that might impede the sensor to register the print.
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