[SOLVED] Finished up my 9900k computer last nite

The Original Ralph

just thought i'd post this for anyone else considering this CPU and having trepidation over the heat issues - after installing WIn 10 Pro, it surprised me how high i was able to clock it with a noctua D15S - i got it to 4.9 on all cores, with a Vcore of 1.22V and the ram to 3400 at 1.225V.

Ran Prime95 (26.6), small FFTs for 30 minutes - at 4.9 after 5 or so minutes, temps leveled off running high 80s with some spiking to 92 or so. But it was really relatively easy to get it to 4.9. Rendered a video file to see what my temps looked like, and they were mid to high 70s with some spiking to low 80s at 100% load.

Over the next few days i'll start tweaking airflow, voltages etc but i don't think i'll have a hard time taking it to 5.0

but i am fairly new to OCing

The Original Ralph


forgot to say, i had no love for Windows 10 before last nite, and even less this morning. I'd have been smart to have installed Win 10 on my computer before the upgrade so i wouldn't have had to learn the Windows 10 GUI after assembling the new rig - what a joke - it's as user friendly as a drunken taliban, and it's basically a mask over the same underlying core as Win 7. Almost as bad as having to learn Latin.

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thanks again

i knew about that but last nite wasn't the time to be re-organizing Win 10 - i expected some dis-orientation vs Win 7, but not the amount i found.

I need to go thru darkbreeze's "clean up win 10" tutorial

and another tip that i learned by accident last night, and tells me why i had so many issues installing windows back when i intalled the first gen NVMe SSD, the xp941. Over on the Asus motherboard forum, their instructions were to format the SSD before the windows install - if it wasn't for darkbreeze's "how to do a clean installation" i'd never have gotten past the "windows can't create a partition" error msg on installation. For those doing a clean install, THE HARD DRIVE THE OS WILL BE INSTALLED ON IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNALLOCATED, IE NO PARTITIONS

I wish i'd have known that a long time ago