FireFace 400 and a microphone


Jan 24, 2014
Hey guys, I'm a total newbie on this, so please be kind.

Basically, I've got FireFace 400 and a studio microphone of kinds. There is a wire that perfectly matches the mic/line slot, and when I put it in or out, a green light that says SIG flashes for a moment. The thing is, windows 7 don't seem to recognize this device as any of the recording devices that are displayed in control panel -> sound -> recording.

Does it need any kind of software? I'm not that new to the FireFace 400 using it for audio output, and so I have the needed drivers installed. The input lines on Fireface Mixer don't seem to move when talking into the microphone etc.

So the issue is pretty much this - I want to be able to use this microphone through FireFace 400 on windows as any other simple microphone recognized while put into the built-in sound card. I hope my problem is clear and you'll be able to help me, if I'm not quite clear, I'll try to be more specific. Thank you.