Question Firefox 69.0.1 unable to pass site which has CloudFlare DDOS protection


Aug 6, 2017
Hey guys. I don't know if this is the right place to ask for help with this issue butI don't know what is going on but Firefox on my new gaming rig is acting weird. I tried clean install Windows but no work.

Everytime I visit site that has CloudFlare DDOS protection, I can't get pass "Checking your browser before accessing xxxxxx." like for instance. It just loop the "Checking your browser before accessing xxxxx" with new id every 5 seconds.

I tried clean install Firefox on my secondary laptop with Shadow Defender on to see if this is Firefox issue, and on my secondary laptop with SD on and clean install Firefox allow me to pass CloudFlare DDOS protection " Checking your browser before accessing xxxxx."

But on my gaming rig, I can't get pass this. Help please.

Chrome and Edge work fine with site that has Cloudflare DDOS protection but Firefox can't get pass "Checking your browser before accessing."

On my laptop, FireFox 69.0.1 can pass checking your browser before accessing xxxx site, but on my new gaming rig can't.

Clean install Windows with only motherboard, gpu, and Windows Updates installed. I clean install FireFox with no extensions or any browser settings modified. No 3rd party AV.