Question FirePro 2270 or 2450?


Nov 13, 2012
So I'm working on putting together a very old Dell Optiplex 210L that was given to me that I may also occasionally use for older games. There is no Pci-e x16 slot, only std PCI and Pci-e X1. I was looking for a cheap card for the x1 slot and found the 2270 and 2450. I realize these are not for gaming at all, but to find a cheap Pci-e x1 was near impossible. I did find some info on the 2270 but not much on the 2450. I was hoping someone could tell me which card is the better of those two. On a side note for fun I just installed good old NFS Underground 2. On highest settings across the board I was very surprised that the onboard video actually performed really well with just a bit of lag. Hoping the firePro may help just a little. Keep in mind that this game and ones from this time period or older are all I am looking to work with. Thanks for any help.


FirrPro's are workstation grade GPU's. If you do drop something of their ilk in that system, they're going to be drawing about the same power as a gaming grade GPU of that era/generation but perform badly. It was only after 2015 that the line between workstation and gaming GPU's became blurred.

I'd advise on skipping any discrete GPU drop in, especially since the add on card will require more power from the system.