Question Firewall recommendations

Dec 10, 2019
Back in the day i used and loved outpost firewall, but since its no longer being maintained, i've been looking ever since for a similar software.

Currently I'm using Glasswire, it doesn't seem to be bad, but its not quite what i want, does anyone knows a Firewall similar to outpost (most important feature to me is being able to see in real time what applications are using internet, speed of each app. and the connecting address), and of course being able to block apps like in any firewall.

And the most important thing is NO SUBSCRIPTION, i don't mind paying for it, but I'm not into subscriptions.

Thank you.
That seems interesting but it requires a dedicated server? Unless im missing something
It does require a dedicated server, however, that can be physical or virtual. Granted I don't know why someone would use a VM for their Router. Otherwise MikroTik has some good routers in the prosumer space. These use Router OS and that is open source as well.