Question firmware fail bios fail?

Feb 25, 2019
ok so i updated the firmware in the hp pavillion 570-p000 and after that i have no display, and it will not boot or really do anything. i get power and i have trouble-shot the hardware inside the pc so im left to believe the bios is corrupted. here is a link for my pc-- so i guess im just trying to look at the options and what do i do next seeing as i cant get a display to come up. ive been trying everything from reseting cmos pin jumper, holding windows button and B to reset bios, and many other failed attempts. This all started because i installed 2x8gb patriot duel channel ram, the bios showed the 16gb duel channel, but then you go into windows and it showed it only had 8gb physically installed and 7.xx usable. the cpuz showed 16gb but only running in single rank. basicly dug around and seen the firmware installed was from 2006 so i just right clicked and updated it through msconfig. it ran the firmware and then the bios update. So current status is no boot no display.
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How did you attempt to update, exactly?

Where did you find the BIOS file?

Did you force it 'off', or did the system attempt to reboot & fail?

Sounds like a failed BIOS flashed but, unfortunately the only way to fix would be to replace the BIOS chip. Replacing the MB might be easier for most users as replacing the chip is not easy.

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