Question Firmware Update Causes Issues with Ram Speed


Jan 1, 2018
I find every time I update the bios on this board, I end up having some issue with the update. Most of the time, its resolved, but this time, I cant seem to get past the one bios change. Im running a Gigabyte X670 Elite AX with 4 sticks of RAM equalling 128GB. Because Im using 4 sticks, I have to downclock the speed of the ram from 5400 to 3200. This is for stability issues. AMD also recommends underclocking the ram with 4 sticks. Anyway everytime I make a change in the BIOS, it goes through its usual no boot screen for a short period of time, then eventually boots. This is frustrating to say the least, but its a new way with these new boards. When I updated my bios to 7B which was released a few days ago, it boots eventually when I hit the clear CMOS button. But when I go to downclock the ram speed to 3200, it never boots after the change, even after sitting for over an hour. Only way is to clear the CMOS and run the ram without changing the setting. According to the bios, it wants to run the ram at 4800 without changing any settings. I've gone through trying to reset the bios a few times now, but it always hangs when the bios is changed. I need this system to be stable, which is why I update the bios to begin with (still have issues at times before hand), so downclocking the ram is a must. Is there anything I can do with this current BIOS update, or will I have to revert back to an older bios just so I can run the system?
when the bios is updated new updated defaults are applied to your bios.
this means frequency/voltage tables can change and you can not assume that the values used in your last bios are still valid. IE you have to go thru the various tuning processes again to get a stable bios boot.

Now, when you get to windows you want to remove or update all of the overclocking drivers to the current version and do all of your overclocking again and testing again. (memtest86 and prime95)

I have a system that I had to do this with when I had 32GB ram. I had to pull out one stick to get it to boot and run correctly. Yesterday I cleaned my desk and found a RAM stick. Now, I realized I forgot to put it back in (several months ago) and retune. I did not even notice that I was missing one stick. (funny)