News First AMD Drivers for Ryzen 7000's Super Slow iGPU


May 28, 2020
They will need to distinguish their APUs from these Ryzen's with basic display adapters.... I intend to buy a discrete video card this time around (which I haven't as I've had back to back Intel CPUs for more than 12 years), so I'm not concerned about the performance.. but that said, I was shocked they are this low. I thought they'd at least be as good as 11th generation Intel i5 processors with 60fps at 720p and very basic settings on most games. But, they are LOW.. I wonder if it's just driver issues??


Jan 15, 2010
Is the IGPU powerful enough to watch 4k quality video on a 4k tv or will I need a discrete GPU?

It should absolutely work for that case. There are decode accelerators for h.265 and av1 which should cover modern encoded video at 4k without issue. General desktop use should also be fine.

Modern 3D gaming is where this isn't really for for use and you'll want a dedicated GPU.

Aside: If they could do a GPU chiplet that has 8-16 rDNA 3 compute units combined with the CPU chiplet that could be a compelling APU for budget gaming early next year.
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Jun 9, 2021
I would atleast hope it would match intels offering but it's nowhere close.
Might be useful to appreciate that it still had the performance of a high end GPU from late 00's, like 9800GT or HD 4850, or something average from a decade ago, like a GT 640, and all this at the bottom of the barrel of integated graphics, places once occupied by the likes of Intel GMA series. It's definitely still more than enough for office use, or for media, or for classic games.

If anything, it's a testament to how preposterously powerful modern GPU had become.

Someone was (and still is) selling things like GT 730 and HD 5450 with more VRAM somehow stapled on not all that long ago, around the peak of the last mining craze. This one should still be enough to beat those, hands down, in all ways except drop-in compatibility.
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Kamen Rider Blade

Dec 2, 2013
Remember, this is RDNA 2, imagine what will be coming now that AMD is free from Global Foundaries Shackles and can work with TSMC to update / iterate faster.

Imagine what will happen with Zen 5 and 2 CU's of RDNA 3 inside the cIOD at the same Power Target?

Remember RDNA 3 is supposed to have > 60% performance per watt gain.

Then Zen 6 and 2 CU's of RDNA 4 inside the cIOD at the same Power Target?

You're going to see the iGPU quickly climb up from the bottom of the iGPU stack.
If you look at ALder Lake, the GPU section takes up like 1/5 or 1/6 of the entire die. That's alot of wasted real estate if you plan on using discreet graphics anyways. Makes sense to utilize unused and cheap I/O die wafer for this and just give it enough for basic functionality at no extra or little extra cost. If you need to send in your graphics card for repair, then at least you can still have your computer to use as a computer.


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Performance numbers still look way too low here. 2 RDNA2 CUs at 2200MHz have half theoretical compute, compared to 8CU x 1100MHz of 3200G. So you'd expect maybe 60% of the performance, as it usually does not scale linearly. Plus- this is RDNA2 with better color compresion, lots more memory bandwidth from DDR5, and high clocks for the front end. It should perform at least at Intel 32EU iGPU level. I feel something is amiss here- maybe the actual iGPU clock stays much lower.


Nov 16, 2021
I understand this is for basic display like web browsing, text editing, configuring system etc. It would be nice to be able to watch streaming video smoothly at 1080p or higher resolution.

But can it run Crysis ?
Sep 29, 2022
"but it should be enough for basic use cases like video playback and web browsing"

Should be? You think?