First Build and Questions


Apr 24, 2009
Hey guys, noob here with post #1.

So I'm planning a possible first build for this summer. I've been lurking all over the internet for a while, and here's what I've got so far:

MB: Asus P6T Deluxe V2
CPU: Core i7 920
GPU: Radeon HD 4870
PSU: Thermaltake 600w W0318RU
CASE: NZXT Tempest

That's about it for the critical parts. I'll probably decide on specifics for the rest based on good deals when I'm actually ready to start buying stuff, but here's what I'm looking at:

RAM: 6gigs DDR3 1600
HDD: ~500g 7200rpm
CD/DVD drive, SD card reader, keyboard, mouse
Any suggestions of brands/models for these would be great.

Look good? Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.
My goal is to keep it somewhere around $1000 which I think should be doable. I'm not going for über hardcore gaming, just something that'll run most games decently for a while. Overclocking isn't a definite item on my schedule, but I want to leave the possibility open in case I feel like messing around with it.

Also, I've got a few questions about this particular setup.

1. The Tempest seems to get generally good reviews, and I like the look and price, but I'm still concerned about the noise. Six fans is a lot, and the reviews I've found seem split between describing it as "silent" and "hurricane", so I'm still a little leery. I know connecting to the mobo is quieter through temperature monitoring, but the P6T only has 3 chassis fan ports, so my question is this: Is there some way of routing power from the psu to the fans, but still controlling all of them through the mobo? It sounds like a long shot, just wondering if anyone knows of a way of doing it. If there isn't, I'd still appreciate suggestions on good configurations/fan controllers/other cases/whatever.

2. I'm also curious about the memory situation with the P6T. Apparently, running anything higher than 1333 is considered running as overclocked? Is this just some sort of technicality, or could running faster memory actually create system instability?

Apologies for writing a novel.
Any help is appreciated, and a preemptive Thanks! to anyone who provides it.
I am a fan of WD hard drives, OCZ ram, and Acer monitors. Other than that, its really personal preference and budget.

The tempest is a well reviewed case but I was not able to find much info on the fans on newegg. Fan cotrollers are not too expensive but I wouldn't consider most of them to be a simple mod. I know there's a product that allows daisy chaning 2 or more fans to one port on the motherboard but I can't recall now...Maybe it was PWM fans from thermaltake?

The tempest is a copy of one of the all time greats, the Antec 900. It is more expensive, but it is a quality product. All the fans in the 900 are molex fans, but they also have their own fan controllers. They are quiet on low speed, I run mine on medium but I also overclock.

For the power supply, look at Antec, Corsair (650tx, 750tx), PCP&C/OCZ
Well I just had come up with an i7 build for around $1k for another member...mayb it would help u...
CPU + Mobo combo...



PSU - You surte will want to SLI/Crossfire later on the X58 mobo

CASE - One of the best rated Antec 900 and you get it for the same price...
Get $20 off w/ promo code Antec72

Graphics - GTX 260 core 216 - Chose GTX 260 because SLI scales well on X58 mobos...and it is nealry the same price as the 4870 1GB...
Well either GTX 260/ 4870 1GB would do...But get which ever is cheaper...

DVD Burner

Total - $964...


Aug 7, 2007
The builds provided look good.
Probably check back in with a spec the week / two weeks before you buy, often the best deals have changed and the current recommendations may not be the best.
There are definately price changes from Intel in the C2D ranges and graphics cards seem to be changing all the time. DDR3 prices have been falling as have i7 motherboards.

Conclusion: Builds look good for today - check back before you build to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.


Apr 24, 2009
Thanks for the replies guys.

gkay, that psu seems to be pretty highly regarded and not too much more than the one I had, so I'll definitely add that to my list. And the hdd and cd drives are just what I'm looking for, so bonus thanks to you.

I'm still curious about the RAM though. Will running faster memory on the P6T cause instability, or should I not worry about it?

As for the case and fans, I'm probably gonna stick with the tempest, if only for the sake of being different from everyone else with a 900. Since I don't have much experience with fans and their associated noise, I'll probably just set it up, judge the noise in person, and decide if I need to do anything about it from there.
As for your concern over the RAM, no it wont cause any stability issues...In some cases to recognize the correct speed, you may have to set it manually in the BIOS...But I feel that wont be necessary in this case...


Apr 24, 2009
So it's officially been a few weeks. Here's what I'm looking at right now.

NZXT Tempest -- $90
P6T Deluxe V2 -- $280
Core i7 920 -- $280
Radeon HD 4870 -- $187
6G DDR3 Ram -- $70
WD Caviar Black 640G -- $73
Corsair 750TX -- $100
LG CD/DVD Drive -- $25
SD Card/Floppy Drive -- $23
Logitech Pro 2000 Keyboard -- $30

Total: $1158 + S&H (after rebates)

So I might have overshot the initial price mark by a little, but I think I can live with it.
Any better deals/higher reviews would be greatly appreciated, specifically for the gpu and ram. I think I want to stick with the 4870, but I'm not sure what the best manufacturer or configuration is. And I chose the ram because the speed and latency seem good for the price, though other suggestions are welcome.
Well there is one place where you can save $40 without sacrifice in performance and that is the mobo...
Get the P6T instead of the Deluxe...The p6T is also a very good board and would offer similar performance as the Deluxe...