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First build CPU lever issue


Dec 23, 2017
I've just partly built my 1st pc - a mini ITX and unfortunately when I tried to install my CPU (a i7-7800k) into the 1151 socket - I experienced an unexpected problem - I pulled up the lever fine and inserted the CPU in the correct manner - but then when I started to lower the lever - the plastic cover jumped off prematurely and the lever went slack - it totally lost its spring effect - it simply wouldn't lower the CPU frame and wouldn't allow it to set beneath the setting screw at the end of the socket - It took for me to physically bring down the frame and position it under the holding screw - no idea yet whether this has had any adverse effects? I really was not expecting such a malfunction to occur and now I'm obviously concerned as it's a very expensive chipset and motherboard assembly as well as being a very tight build in my Fractal Core 500 case - I continued with the build anyway and hope that no damage has occurred - anybody else experience such an issue or at least able to advise me ?
You are suppose to remove the plastic cover on the CPU socket. That is to protect the CPU pins until the CPU is installed. You might have possibly damaged the CPU socket forcing the lever down. That plastic cover is required if you RMA the motherboard for a replacement or repair. They will refuse your RMA if it's not installed, so do not throw it out, leave it in the motherboard box.