Question First build ever: Art/gaming rig advice?

Jun 13, 2019
My old 2007 mac is about ready to drop, so I decided to try my hand at a custom build.
I've done a ton of research to try and find exactly the perfect parts, but I'd love any and all advice you have to give.

Heres the PCpicker:
What I'm wanting from this build is multitasking ability, (non-intensive) art program support, and subnautica/pubg/sims4 level game playability. I'm guessing some of the parts I have selected are a little intense for what I need but I plan in the future to be exploring more intense art programs and games, so I'd like for this system to last me.

I also would love opinions/advice on whether or not I'll need that 16gb RAM or if I could do with 8gb, which MOBO would be best for my needs, and which GPU is best.

The case, monitor, and optical drive are just place holders, I plan on buying those local. I'm going to be buying an external TB drive for transfer from my old mac.
also, is it a necessity to buy windows 10?

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: Current build improvements, with a bit more color coordination.
always need more advice, so go wild!
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For multitasking ability that cpu and ram is great. I would keep the ram the same.

You could buy a cheaper b450 motherboard and have little tradeoffs.

The RX 580 8gb is a good option for your uses.

You dont have to buy windows 10. You can install it and select "i dont have a key". It will install and work like normal, however some personalization items are disabled. You may see a watermark appear on your screen saying to activate windows.

I would suggest a better psu.
Jun 13, 2019
An RX580 is powerfull and can run those games fine.
For a little futureproofing and your extra budget you could get a gtx 1660 or 1660ti. They peform a little.
thanks again for all the advice! I think I'll stick to the RX 580 for now for a little more monitor budget. last question I swear, I've just realized i'm not sure what sort of fans this build will need. Do I need to buy any extras for cooling?
The ryzen 5 2600 comes with a decent stock cooler. If your not overclocking I wouldnt change it.

You may want to purchase extra case fans depending on what case you buy. Some cases have better airflow than others. Usually a case comes with 1 or 2 fans, but can take 3,4, or 5.