First build, orange light on motherboard, no display

Jul 30, 2018
This is my first build and I'm having some issues. I've plugged every thing in properly I hope....but I get nothing on display when I power on. The case doesnt come with speakers so I cant determine any beeps. The cpu cooler fan runs, and theres an orange light on the motherboard that is on. I don't see how to post pictures or I would. The motherboard is a matx gigabyte b360m ds3h, processor is an i5-8400, 16gb ballistix ddr4 2666. Graphics card is gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb. I'm using a cooler master matx case. And an EVGA bq 500 power supply. The fan that came preinstalled doesn't show power either. Where should I start? I looked at similar posts but cannot find a solution yet. Just updating to say the case fan is working, it was a 3 pin plugging to a 4. Just had it wrong