Build Advice First Build Power Safety Question

Nov 20, 2021
Hi all,

Very new to PC building and have just completed my first build - I had a lot of issues but eventually got it to work. My main issue was power, but I'd like to ask if my solution to the problem I was having is safe/ok.
My GPU has two 6 pin power ports - when I used a cable with 2x6pins at the GPU end and a combined 6pin at the PSU end (doubled up) it didn't work. When I changed the cable for a standard split PCIe cable it worked. This new cable has 8pins at the PSU end and the cable then splits into 2x6 at the GPU end (each of the 2x6 at the GPU end has another 2 pins which I don't use). So basically 8 pin at PSU end and 2x6pin at GPU end. It's an old GTX970 for now (until I can order a new one) with a Corsair 750w PSU. I would appreciate if you could tell me if this is safe or should I use two separate 6pin cables so I have 6pin at PSU end and GPU end x2?

Many thanks!