First Build Review


Mar 31, 2009
My Intel E6850 has served me well for the past 4 years and the upgrade to the Radeon 4850 has kept my pc going for the last 2 years. However, it is now time for a new pc. My previous pcs were Dells and HPs which I bought and upgraded some parts here and there. This time I think I am ready to do a complete build.

Case: Corsair 600t White $160
Motherboard: MSI P67A-G43 $110
Processor: Intel i2500k $180
Heat Sink: Xigmatek Loki SD963 $25
Power Supply: Corsair TX750 $115
GPU: HIS IceQ X Turbo Radeon HD 6950 $270
RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1333 240pin $50
Hard Drive: Western Digital Cavier Black 1TB $80
Optical Drive: LITE-ON DVD Burner $20
Card Reader: Rosewill RCR-IC001 $15
Sound Card: None $0
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64Bit $95
Thermal Paste: Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste $10

I took the motherboard and heat sink and a couple other parts from the most recent $1000 system build. I went with a larger psu because I want to do crossfire once the HD6950 drops below $150.

I live 15 minutes from the Yonkers Microcenter (haven't been to it yet) so I'll be able to pick parts up from there. My total price, including software not shown above, is about $1300 for this build. Then I will have to get a nice 24" monitor to show it all off, but one thing at a time. I do not plan on overclocking this system.

Let me know if anyone sees any glaring errors in my parts. Any comments/advice is appreciated.

if you aren't overclocking, save a few bucks and buy the base 2500, and skip the heat sink.

Samsung Spinpoint F3 hard drive is $60.

you can get away with a 600-650W PSU if you aren't planning to crossfire, which would be around $80-90,

a $160 case strikes me as excessive. Cut back to something around $50

use the savings to add an SSD. a Vertex 2 60/80/90 GB would be great.


Mar 31, 2009
Thanks for the replies.

The case is excessive, but I'm gonna stick with it. I'm too much a fan of how it looks, and now that I have my mind set on it I can't imagine doing the build without it.

I'm also gonna stick with the 750w psu. On my previous computer I was psu limited and I don't want that to happen again. I'd rather shell out the additional $30 now instead of possibly needing an entirely new psu in 2 years when I move to crossfire.


Mar 15, 2011
$40 off cpu+mobo at microcenter (including the msi g43, although i might use the savings to treat myself to something nicer): ***

samsung spinpoint f3, $50 with promo code: EMCKBKF49

antec 750w $90:

id take a hyper 212+ (includes paste) over that loki (lousy cooler). and please do not buy $10 paste for a $30 cooler.

dual fan 6950 2gb (quieter, cooler): ***

better ram $55 with promo EMCKBKF42: ***

***will look great in your case, as a bonus