Jul 13, 2011

-MSI P67A-G43
-Intel i5 2500
-corsair gamer series 800w
-HAF 912 case
-Radeon 6970

My Problem:

Upon turning on the power, all fans start, my keyboard lights up etc. I have to front LEDs on the my HAF912, both start lit up. After a brief period the first of the two turns off, and the second LED remains lit. There is no post as far as i am aware (nothing appears on my monitor- which has worked in the past and is fine) and i cannot hear the beeps if they are occurring.

Troubleshooting thus far:

I tried moving my ram around and single ram systems- still no post (although admittedly i haven't tried every possible combination, but i am certain that the slots on my computer for ram are fine- it may be the ram itself that is the issue. The gpu fans start but i dont know if that si the problem, it is propery seated however. The CPU is probably fine (idk but its getting power.) How long could it take to POST? Perhaps im not waiting long enough? anyways, thanks for help in advance.