Question First computer build booted once, but is now having issues and won't function. Please help!

Mar 25, 2020
Desktop Specs:

1. Just last night I finished building my first computer and went to start it up. The only part I still was waiting on was an SSD, so instead I used my roommates old hard drive. My roommate had been having issues with his computer and suspected it to be the hard drive, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and test it out to see if it was in fact the issue for him. Anyway, everything booted up just fine, my monitor was working, all fans and lights on, motherboard indicator lights on, everything. The hard drive turned out to be my roommates issue after all, as it became stuck trying to boot the OS from it (Win 10) and would not go beyond that. It being late, I turned off the computer and went to bed.

2. Today I got the SSD in the mail and tried to insert it in. No problem there after searching for the correct slot. But once I tried to start up the computer, then the issues started. My LED indicator on my motherboard telling me that the DRAM was functioning was dark, the VGA fans that were functioning last night were sputtering on and off (though this could be because the card wasn't at a high enough temperature to necessitate them turning on), nothing was displaying on my monitor save for it saying that it had nothing to display, and on top of all that, a tiny square diode (I think that's the right term) broke off of my SSD!

3. I did realize today that I had not installed the small spacing screws onto my case so that the motherboard would screw in properly, so that might have been an underlying issue. I had originally screwed only about half of the necessary screws directly onto the metal case.

4. Other than the above listed things, I cannot for the life of me think of what could be wrong. I do believe that my RAM sticks could be an issue. The indicator LED will appear on sometimes when I rearrange them (2-4, 3-4 slots or using only 1 slot), but does not remain on if I turn my computer on and off.

5. I am 98% certain that no static electricity has interfered with any components, and I have quadruple checked all wired and plugs to make absolute sure that everything is the way it was when it successfully booted the first, glorious time.

6. Last thing that I see an issue with is on my MoBo LED indicator lights. I have 4 LEDs: Boot, DRAM, VGA, and CPU. The CPU light never turns on unless the specific power supply
plug that goes to the motherboard is UNPLUGGED. If this is the case, then the other three LEDs failed to turn on until the CPU power supply plug is plugged in, at which point the CPU LED turns off.
Any help is immensely appreciated!
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