Question First Custom Loop. Need help with components.

May 10, 2020
Hello looking for help with what parts to buy for a custom water loop

i really like the style and look of corsair and TT

i need all of the below

CPU Waterblock
Pump + Tube + Top cover
Pump holder bracket
480mm Rads 60mm thick

some sites say plex some say copper some say to mix kind of lost on what to do and how much of what fittings to get

no idea what ones of each are the best not sure if i can water cool my GPU i cannot find a water block for it

second issue is living in NZ not many options and delivery from over seas is a little hard with the current world situation

my specs below
case TT level 20 XT
2080 Aorus x
7700k delided and liquid metal put in
32gb ddr4 3200
750w g2 psu

thank you
480mm rads, plural? So you want 2 or more 480mm rads? For just a cpu loop? Why?

Do you want soft tube or hard tube?

Found a gpu block fairly easily.

Pretty sure gigabyte makes one also, the waterforce.

If you get the corsair pump, it includes a reservoir. No need for an additional pump top or bracket, as it's all included.

Dont forget fans with enough juice to move air through 60mm of radiator.

Corsair makes coolant. As does ek, tt, xspc. Or just use distilled water and biocide.

Have you read the watercooling sticky. Lots of good info in there.
May 10, 2020
honestly woke up this morning and looked at my pc and case and thought i can do something more here

so reading though it and thought id post see if anyone knows more about it / what to get

was thinking just the one 480 rad maybe 2 as i would like to loop the gpu in also temps on that are a little hot but not to bad around the 78-82c while gaming

hard tubing looks cleaner to me so i would be looking in that direction

i have 12 fans of Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition (its a large case)

didnt notice a watercooling sticky i will have a look


Nov 12, 2010
2 480 rads is some serious overkill for that, at that point you are going to be limited to the thermal movement between plate and ihs. If the heat doesn't move between your cpu to ihs to block fast enough, your second won't do anything but add more work for your pump. The water Temps wont change. You're looking at a 1 or 2 degree difference in my opinion at max.

Only way I'd get two rads is if you wanted to run a Peltier on it, which then you will need to worry about condensation and dealing with that.
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The fans you have are ok at best for a radiator setup. Pretty, yes. Enough flow to get through 60mm of rad and still maintain good pressure, eh maybe. They're certainly not as good as a dedicated radiator fan, but that usually happens when you add lights.
Both of these have near double the static pressure, as well as more airflow. But you will have to give up rgb. Though with so much radiator, especially if you go with 2x480, airflow may not big as large an issue. Just based on pure area of radiator.

First time watercooling? Buy 2x or more the amount of tubes you need. You will mess up bends, almost guaranteed. You'll need 2 fittings per component. So with 2 rads, you'll need 10. Cant tell you how many straight vs angled you'll need. You will have to determine that yourself when you plan the loop and bends.

I'd add a drain also, so add a few fittings and a valve for that.

Cant really help ya with where to buy, as I only know of good places in the states. But if you like the look of the corsair stuff, just grab most of it from your preferred corsair retailer. Then get the rads from ek, they should have a retailer available in your area.

My rads are xspc, and I like them. So that's another option as well. Quality stuff, usually cheaper than ek.

I like my xspc block. I have the raystorm v3, and its a really solid performer. It was within a degree or 2 vs other high performing blocks such as the ek. The only block that really beat it was the heatkiller, but that was a huge chunk more money. They're now on the v4 I believe. The ek supremacy or the newest version is nice also.

Ek for the gpu block and rads. Then corsair, ek, bitspower, or xspc for fittings. There's more, but those are known good brands off the top of my head. Iirc bitspower actually makes the corsair fittings. Probably use corsair or ek tubes.

Get proper tools for bending the tubes as well.

I also agree with blazerboy above. 2x480 is overkill. A single 480 would be plenty for a 7700k and a 2080. I myself have 600mm worth of rad space(240+360), and its plenty. Mid 50s at absolute max for cpu(7700nonk) and mid 40s to lower 50s for gpu(2080).
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May 10, 2020
found a store that will sell most of the stuff in nz lucky as most things from over seas is blocked coming into nz :( at a rather higher cost than importing from the US :(

only 2 question left to ask nickel or copper and can i have some nickel and some copper or is that bad to do ?

in terms of a pump i see D5 and a few other terms being used not sure what one is better been looking at the corsair pump below would this handle the loop ok?

EK is a well known brand but i would like to avoid them few people i know have used them had leaking issues not sure if a human error or the stuff from EK (in saying this all brands prob had the issue at some point)


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EK is a good brand, I use a lot of their components. I've never had an issue with EK and I have watercooled for 18 years, although I haven't used their stuff the entire time.

Nickel, brass and copper can be used together without issue, you want to avoid aluminum.
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