First Expansion For 'Runescape' Opens The Door To Menaphos

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VR dev

Jun 6, 2017
""The company didn't take a baby step into VR; it sprinted to catch up to all the progress Windows PCs have made in recent years.".... ???????? As someone who prefers osx, but makes his living developing VR and AR for brands, I disagree! Price points for comparable GPU implementation, as well as a lack of a top line GPU availability on their new iMac, or any other Mac internally... Makes this a ruse. Mobile VR on iOS? Not on their low Rez screens. There will be no daydream or gear VR competition until they get some real mobile resolution on their gear. Oculus support? Nope. They have the cash, they're just sitting around waiting. Apple fanboys can't wait to write the story that Apple invented VR the second they even react to the market. That isn't helpful. They have had so many miscues with the Mac lately, they've lost the pro user market, which they could have absolutely owned, but stagnated with the flattening of the CPU curve, missing the linear improvement of the GPU, and losing three years of graphics innovation. Tim cook is no Steve Jobs. The same thing is happening in slow motion between iOS and Android, as well.

Kenneth Barker

Aug 17, 2015
VR DEV wrong article?

Also, since just today Apple in fact corrected all those complaints of yours. Did you miss the new iMac pro announcement?

It's expensive of course. But, 18 core Xeon's and 16GB HBM2 Vega GPUs sort of... make you sound like yesterdays news. Keep up with tech, as a dev you need to



I played it in high school for a few weeks before going back to other games.

On a related note, is Runescape still terrible and boring, just with less ugly graphics?
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