First gaming build


Sep 19, 2012
Current build

The only things I have so far: 3570k CPU, OCZ agility 4 256gb, 27' 2560x1440 Crossover korean monitor

The main things I'm wondering about:

The motherboard: Someone recommended that one. I can pay a little bit more if needed. Any suggestions on a different one or if that one is good?

Video Card: I am pretty set on the 7950, but I'm not sure which brand to get.

Do you recommend a mid-size or full-size case?

Do I need more than 550W or is that ok?
That's a decent motherboard, but if you want good overclocks, go with an Asrock Extreme 4, a Gigabyte z77x-ud3h, or a more expensive Asus offering.

I'd get a low end 7970, if you can find one during Black Friday... in the next 55 minutes. :p

I'd go with a mid-size. The NZXT gamma classic is a good budget offering.

That'll be fine if you don't want two graphics cards in the future. If you do, go up to 750w.