First Gaming PC Build


Jan 22, 2013
Could I please get some recommendations for a gaming pc build? I have already picked out a processor (I5 3570k) and graphics card (EVGA GeForce GTX 680 4GB) and would like to get some direction towards other compatibe parts. My budget is around $1500. Thank you very much!

would have to say if you go for a gtx680 2gb version rather than the 4gb version

then a gtx670 would be a better bet--near enough as fast and probably roughly $100 cheaper

and 850w corsair seems excessive--could save enough by getting a gtx670 and lower watt psu to include an ssd in there


its true i have my gtx 670 overclocked to a gtx 680 stock performance at 120 dollars cheaper which with this you can get a non oem version of windows

though one thing i do have to say is that 850 may be excessive but if he ever want to overclock/sli his graphics card he will want the extra wiggle room i know i like it