First motherboard repair attempt


Oct 6, 2009
Three days ago, my M4A79XTD EVO won't start. Both the CPU and GPU fans start running as soon as I press the power button but the GPU fan sounds like it's looping from high speed to low speed. It's not really visible but the fan sounds like it. I'm pretty sure that the motherboard's starting and immediately restarting itself in a loop. Until yesterday, this loop would ultimately end after say, 10-20 iterations and the PC would power on. And once it powered on, this problem wouldn't show up for subsequent power-ons in the next 5 - 10 mins. Today I simply can't get it to start, no matter how many iterations I let it loop. I tried all the usual stuff - built everything from scratch again, took the board outside the case, tested with only one RAM stick, etc. Nothing.

So I tested the same GPU and PSU on a different motherboard, and everything worked fine.

I can't believe this board's dying so soon. It's only two years old. I'm going to test with a smaller video card tomorrow but would like to see if you guys had anything to help here.