Question First my CPU debug lights up, then the GPU debug, no fans spinning

Aug 5, 2022
After turning on the PC, no fans are spinning (all of them are definitely connected) and the red CPU debug lights up. after about 5-10 seconds the VGA debug lights up. After the VGA lighted up it stays this way until I turn of the PC. When connecting to a Monitor it doesn't even recognize the channel (tried on 3 different monitors with either DisplayPort or HDMI). What should I try now to solve this ? The CPU seems perfectly fine (no bent pins) and all PCIe receptors on the GPU are fine

My specs are:
Ryzen 7 5800x
be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
MSi MAG Tomohawk with updated BIOS
RTX 3070
be quiet 850W PSU


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

MSi MAG Tomohawk
What chipset are you working with? Also, if you're on the B450 chipset, there are 3 variants of the Tomahawk board(Max, Max II and the vanilla Tomahawk).

Which slots are the rams populating on the motherboard?
Aug 4, 2022
Something wrong with Ryzen ......x's? I see a lot of people (including me) finding hard time with getting them work properly...

Since you got the right bios , first try another vga card. If nothing happens, try single memory ( ie 8gb ram instead of 16gb). If it works, add second memory afterwards.

You may also wanna try to remove motherboard battery for half hour or more, then keep disconnected from power and press to turn on. Then place battery and connect power cable. Then try to turn on.

You may also wanna try to re apply bios update.

I am also trying to make my 5600x work with gigabyte 550 gaming x v2. Maybe something is wrong with lines ......x?