Question First over clock advice.


May 24, 2019
Hi guys.

So here goes.

I recently finished my first build, specs attached

Ive done a alot of reading and have changed a few settings all ready,

So far ive clocked it up to 4.8 ghz

Vcore is set at 1.370v

These are the only changes ive made in bios (apart from upping the ram aswell)

Ive run.
aida64 stress test ... 4hrs no problem,
Prime95 torture test smallest fft ... 4hrs no problem
Prime95 blend ... 4hrs no problem
Realbench stress test ... 4hrs nor problem

I ran a few games while setting it all up and they call worked fine at high - ultra

I get an error on 1 core in prime95 small in the first 10 mins of it running though,

All the temps ive been seeing.

Cpu max 81 c ... average 71
Cpu package max 81 c ... average 72
Core 1 max 75 ... average 69
Core 2 max 74 ... average 66
Core 3 max 82 ... average 76
Core 4 max 72 ... average 69
Core 5 max 79 ... average 68
Core 6 max 76 ... average 71

Im wondering if its safe to assume ive not seriously killed anything , can pat my self on back and call it a job well done. Or if i have to explain to the wife why i need to start again.

Im weary cause the major differences in temps in the cores and the error i keep getting in core 3 on prime95 small

Any advice would be appreciated even to tell me ive killed it and start again.

Hope i included all info needed if not ill update it with whats needed.

Sorry for the length i got abused on overclockers for a couple days for "not providing all the relevent information" people didnt seem to understand my first time doing this.

Thanks in advance