First PC build(LGA775) getting random shutdowns

Jan 8, 2019
My first PC build: im at high school and with very little money, so i went cheep: LGA775 :)
hover after putting everything together i was disappointed to see random crashes. Everything freezes, fans still spin and thats it(left it for a few hours once after it had crashed). at this point i would love a blue screen of death. I mean iv got no error code to work form - quite sad.

so hears whats in it:
Intel Core 2 Quad 9550
Gigabite GA-P45T-ES3G rev1.3
6 GB DDR3 (yes ik!!!!!!!) 1x 2GB 1x 4GB
Sapphire R7260x
750gb 2.5ich laptop hard drive(Toshiba and form a 2013 Hp Evny 15)
and a generic 420 ATX PSU form thermal master(certificated by cooler master)

My first step was to remove stuff/swap it out for working hardwhere that i know works(thx to my friends old hardwhere)/ in the end i nailed it down to the motherboard and PSU.

In the unpredictably short time i got in windows after booting i installed HWMonitor. Only thing that looked out of place was the 12V reading was at err um 4.1V? what? my first thought after finding that was there a short, this will be easy! ah nope. No visible shorts.

next step was checking resistances form the ATX and CPU power plugs to ground on the MOBO. all the same comparison for some old LGA775 boards with known problems (nothing to do with power). In short all resistances to ground where fine. As where voltages form PSU on the 12v outputs.

At this point iv used 100% of my electronics knowledge. by posting here i hope someone out there has even the slightest suggestion to help out: at this point il try any thing to save my self a new motherboard, even if i need to do some soldering.

Im in the process of making a venerable output 18650 battery so il soon be able to test for ampage.
Sorry if that was a lot of reading, im not the best at English (the subject).

thanks for even reading this, would love your thoughts im open to eanything as i really cant aford to get a new MOBO.




Jan 20, 2017
Hi Josh. Your RAM might be the issue. Try taking out one of the sticks, booting up. If that doesn't work, put the one you just took out back in, and take out the other one. Also, try updating the BIOS.