Sep 30, 2022
Hello everyone, sorry for the lengthy question. I built my first PC, and it worked for 30 minutes, then it stopped.
I was installing updates and thought to do the BIOS update as well, and that's where everything stopped.

Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse have no power or light on them coming from the computer.

Picture of the Build:

Specks of the Build:
Intel i9 12900k
EVGA rtx 3090
Corsair AIO, Corsair PSU HX1200
Gigabyte Z690 AERO D
Corsair DDR5 64 GB

Some more photos of the build.

So when it stopped working after the bios update and [redacted]windows 11 install. Here are the pictures.

Please help me save my PC. I really don't want to take it apart, and send the motherboard to Gigabyte who I am sure will say me to get lost.
Thank you, I hope someone got the solution.

Also I have tried the following things:

Removed the cmos battery for 20 minutes .
turned the computer on and off million times.
turned the power button on and off million times.
connected and disconnected the keyboard, mouse, and monitor a few times.
pressed the two buttons on the mother board two times.
uploaded new bios firmware on a USB and plugged in the CPU hoping it will magically fix it. but nothing happened.

Any help is greatly appreciated.