Question First pcie slot not working


Apr 27, 2020
Hi guys,

Wanted to post this just incase I get any thoughts or help.
Anyhow i recently got a computer and for some reason the gpu doesnt get detected in the first pcie slot. I have tried a second gpu and works and i tried the original gpu in a 2nd computer and it works so clearly neither are faulty. Ive checked the bios, cmos reset everything, updated gpu drivers, updated bios to latest and nothing. It was working before until one day it just stopped displaying and now the gpu turns on as do the rgb and fans but theres no display from it and it doesnt detect the gpu in windows either. I have no idea anymore, anyone ever face this before?
specs :
Gtx1070 ti
Msi z390 pro
I5 9600k
16gbs ddr4 3200mhz
Corsair 650w psu

any help is much appreciated !
also just to add, the gpu works in the second slot for some reason.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Corsair 650w psu
Corsair is the brand of the PSU while 650W is the advertised wattage for the unit. Can you please state the model for the unit? Please add the age of the PSU as well.

Msi z390 pro
Can you check and see what the BIOS version is at this moment of time?